Wolfram is a Dirigible Flying Fortress created by Rostock intended as a secret weapon to turn the tides of war as Rostock was on the losing end. It is first heard when the player has to recapture Kiriki.

Overview Wolfram is a near indestructible airship with thick armour with the estimated capability of being able to take several shots from even the Amoebic of Lautern. it has three large propulsion fans, the second and third fans powered by one high powered steam engine and the first fan powered by an individual engine. Each engine has two outlet chimneys for smoke to flow, which is ultimately the main weak spots of the dirigible.


Wolfram has anti aircraft machine guns all over the hull, as well as four light guns mounted on its tail. The light guns use bright floodlights to line up the targets. It can fire anti aircraft missiles from unknown locations on the hull. The primary armament of Wolfram is a powerful high caliber bomb cannon in the nose which is more powerful than the Amoebic cannon of Lautern and uses the same method to track targets as the light guns.


If the players looks carefully, they will be able to see missile launching tubes in the hull

Wolfram can slice planes with the spinning fans but only if the fans are spinning

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