An fighter aircraft appearing mainly in the film, piloted by Midori Mitsuya and other members of the March-Hare squadron at Usagi base. It is mainly seen being used in air-to-air combat, but it is also a good ground attack platform. Suito Kusanagi did test flights for its development in the novel None but Air. She mentions the Someaka's wingspan is much larger than the Sanka's, and due to its two engines torque effects are not felt. The Someaka also has a higher maximum altitude than the Sanka, and Kusanagi reports that it's climbing power is excellent as it "does not drag in the middle" of the climb. The cockpit is "isolated from the exterior environment", making it very quiet. Kusanagi reports it as an overall smooth aircraft, and it is shown to be agile and quite capable. Sasakura does complain in the film that Someaka engines are complicated as opposed to Sanka engines.

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