Here is a list of the secondary weapons and their meanings:

Machine Guns:Edit

  • Anti-Surface Gun (ASG) - Special machine gun fixed at an angle to shoot ground targets during level flight.
  • Explosive Bullets (EPB) - Deals damage even without a direct hit.
  • Heavy Gun (HVG) - Large semi-automatic gun that boasts massive firepower.
  • Long Range Gun (LRG) - Semi-automatic gun that boasts a very long range of attack.
  • Rapid Gun (RPG) - Rapid-fire automatic gun. Especially effective for short bursts of attacks.


  • Napalm Bomb (NPB) - Special bomb engineered for wide attack area. Flame spreads in a linear fashion.
  • Powder Bomb (PDB) - Scatters multiple small explosives. Large flames spread in a linear fashion.
  • Unguided Bomb (UGB)- Anti-surface drop-type bomb. Shrapnel damages enemies around impact point.
  • Unguided Bomb Large (UGBL) - A large anti-surface drop-type bomb. Shrapnel damages enemies around impact point.


  • Shotgun (STG) - Sprays multiple bullets simultaneously from the nose of the plane.
  • Torpedo (TPD)- Underwater missiles specialized for attacks against naval units.
  • Rocket Launcher (RCL)- Rocket specialized for anti-surface attacks. Damages area surrounding impact point.
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