SENRYU Special Specs

Aircraft role Unknown
Manufacturer Unknown
Media The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
Primary operator Rostock
Plane variant(s) SENRYU


Senryu Special Specs. A specially modified Senryu. Its armor has been heavily reinforced, thereby further adding to its weight and making it unsuitable for dogfights. Despite this it was used to transport the Chief Engineer of Wolfram to remedy the situation with the weapon, and was attacked by Lautern forces led by Orishina en route. Its advanced armor gave it excellent defense from almost any attack, but its primary weapon was sort-of deficient, and its heavy defenses made it even less maneuverable than the original Senryu.


  • UBG x40
  • UBGL x6
  • NPB x20
  • RPG x870
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