A versatile single-engine, twin-fuselage pusher. Though barely armed and bulky, it is heavily armored and boasts a large loading capacity. It is usually flown and intended for scouting missions, but it is regularly used as a personnel and perhaps cargo transport and can be used as a light bomber, making it somewhat of an all purpose aircraft that Rostock uses. In None but Air, as Kusanagi is test flying the Someaka, Lynx is flying a Senryu carrying a photographer and flying next to Kusanagi in order to get pictures. Kusanagi then engages in a mock dogfight against Lynx who is flying the Senryu...Lynx actually manages to keep up with Kusanagi in the Senryu. Kusanagi mentions that the Senryu is fairly light and that it's high speed is it's most notable feature. She also mentions the Senryu was intended to be a fighter aircraft when initially developed, but they changed the idea for it later on. In the game Innocent Aces, the Senryu can appear to be very heavy to the player because of it's "huge roll moment", as according to Kou Ukumori; however, it's speed is on par with the SANKA M-B when fully modified. The Senryu appears in the continuing novels and the film as a personnel transport.

Secondary Weapons:Edit

  • UGBL x6
  • TPD x40
  • NPB x20
  • PDB x20


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