This is a list of Aces in the Game:

Mission 1: RudakaiEdit

  • Ace Unit: N/A
  • Location: N/A.

Mission 2: UbasamaEdit

  • Ace Unit: MADCAP
  • Location: After you destroy your 1st target, he will be among the 4 Fissions escorting the next 2 targets.

Mission 3: MaimaharaEdit

  • Ace Unit 1: PACHIRA
  • Location: In the final area above the clouds with the last 2 cargo planes.
  • Ace Unit 2: HADERA
  • Location: Near the center of the city.

Mission 4: KirikiEdit

  • Ace Unit: STAPLER
  • Location: After you destroy the final ground targets and you are ordered to destroy the gunboats, he is in the central river near the north side of the plant heading north towards the boundary in the opposite direction of your target gunboats.

Mission 5: YauraEdit

  • Ace Unit: MAILBOX
  • Location: In SE group of 2 Fissions.

Mission 6: BarukaEdit

  • Ace Unit: OPTICIAN
  • Location: He is among the last 2 planes to appear depending upon how fast you are, he may be among the planes harassing Orishina or he may not appear until after you successfully defend her.

Mission 7: NabaruEdit

  • Ace Unit: A&B
  • Location: Appears during the first wave with 3 other planes beyond the first 2 planes that Orishina destroys.

Mission 8: RudakaiEdit

  • Ace Unit: DOGDAYS
  • Location: After you destroy the 1st set of naval ships in the harbor, he appears beyond those ships heading towards the main fleet.

Mission 9: YauraEdit

  • Ace Unit: ZODIAC
  • Location: Among the 3rd wave of planes from the NW.

Mission 10: BarukaEdit

  • Ace Unit: IRENE
  • Location: On top of the bridge right before the target generator. Will appear if Orishina keeps saying "All wings right on schedule" which happens when you keep around cruising speed (450 km/hr).

Mission 11: ShikiboEdit

  • Ace Unit: WISTERIA
  • Location: On the ground in between the outer wall and the central platform of the fort.

Mission 12: TokatsuEdit

  • Ace Unit: PINCURL
  • Location: NW of the final targets in the valley.

Mission 13: NabaruEdit

  • Ace Unit: DARLING
  • Location: NW in a lake. Appears after you exit the first wind stream.

Mission 14: KirikiEdit

  • Ace Unit: TOOLKIT
  • Location: Among the second wave of bombers.

Mission 15: UbasamaEdit

  • Ace Unit: INSIDER
  • Location: Flying in-between the clouds above the city among the first set of reinforcements.

Mission 16: KirikiEdit

  • Ace Unit: USHIO
  • Location: During the third segment when you have to destroy the B. Cannon. He is located in the river on the South side of the plant.

Mission 17: TogakutenEdit

  • Ace Unit: FOREST
  • Location: In the second wave of planes to your left as you are flying towards the castle.

Mission EX: Ace of AcesEdit

  • Ace Unit: N/A
  • Location: N/A
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