The main base for the characters in the Sky Crawlers series. There are two names for it; Hariyu Base in the Innocent Aces game, and Urisu Base in The Sky Crawlers novel. The film of the same name never mentions the base name, but has the same location and design as the one in the game and novels. It is located in Czech Republic, in the southern Trebic district (as one can see from the map in the Innocent Aces game). The airbase and the surrounding area is based off of the Namest nad Oslavou Airport

Alternate Reality GeographyEdit

The geography around the base in the film and novels seem to be slightly different than in reality, as the pilots tend to reach large bodies of water, mainly an unnamed sea, relatively quick either by driving or flying (it took Kusanagi and Kannami two hours driving one-way to reach the shore in the novel). If one were to actually try to reach a large body of water from the Czech Republic, it would take well over two hours time to reach the nearest large sea or ocean. It is a minor fact to point out, as this difference in the geography is mainly due to the fact that the geography and scenery of the series are based off of real-life countries, but are not exactly supposed to be complete literal representations, although there are places that do look quite familiar to that of reality.  

In the game, geography is accurately reflected in that there isn't a large body of water other than rivers and lakes in most of Europe, as one will never be over a large body of water in the game unless they are shown to be flying to Rudakai (a representation of Vieste, Italy) or Togakuten (a representation of Mont-Saint Michel, France). Geography in game is very realistic as one flies over mountains in Switzerland and branches of the Rhine river in Germany. This is most likely because the game was developed with the help of the Japan Space Imaging Corporation and European Space Imaging for more realistic geography. The flim did not have the help of these as the film came before the game and the animators may have decided to hand draw geography based off of reality. 


The base in both the film and game are the same, with the only difference in the number of hangars later on in the game. On base there are only a few buildings: the red brick office building which serves for official business matters and as the signal tower for aircraft, the billet located behind the office building where the pilots live, and several aircraft hangars. There is a small pond in between the two runways, and a lake on the north side of the base, near the entrance to the base. A fence runs all the way around the entire base to prevent unauthorized access of animals and people, and there is only one known entrance to the base near the large lake. There is a small, narrow stream of water snaking across the base north to south over which the wider runway and it's taxiways were built. 

Entrance Edit

The only known entrance to the base is on the north side near the large lake outside of the base. There is a guard always stationed at the booth for authorization to enter the base. 

Runways and TaxiwaysEdit

The base has two runways made from concrete. The wider runway runs East-West, and the narrower runway runs North-South at an intersecting angle of about 75 - 80 degrees with the wider runway. There is no official data on the runway lengths and widths; however the wider runway seems to be about 5,000 to 6,000 feet long and 150 feet wide. The narrower one seems to be longer; about 9,000 long and 75 feet wide. The taxiways allow for access to all runways and seem to have run-up areas, and are also all made of concrete. The runway's and taxiways are lighted for use at night, and there are approach guidance systems for non-visual weather conditions. 

Anti-Aircraft GunsEdit

Along the side of the main runway and on top of the red brick office building are anti-aircraft machine guns to repel enemy aircraft if needed. 


Hariyu has only 5 hangars on its north side in the film. However, in the game there are 13 hangars in total, with 8 larger main hangars and 5 smaller ones, perhaps for reserve aircraft or storage. The novels do talk about the hangars, but how many total is never specified; however there is mention that they do have reserve aircraft stored in some hangars. 

Red Brick Office BuildingEdit

The office building is where all business for the pilots is done and taken care of. Pilots will come here after a sortie and report on their mission to the base commander in his or her office, located on the top floor. It is possible that other staff such as the chief mechanic of the squadron commanders have offices in this building as well, but that detail is never given. In the novel, there is a dining hall at the far end of the first floor of this building where the pilots gather to eat meals, provided by kitchen staff [1]. There is a small parking lot for vehicles directly behind the billet. 


On the first floor, there is a comfortable lounge, with a large table and chairs, and a silver refrigerator with drinks and perhaps food. The lounge also has a fireplace, although it is never seen in use. Throughout the billet, the pilots have rooms throughout the first and second floor. There are usually two pilots per room, and with two pilots there is usually a bunk bed. There are cases, at least in the novel, where a pilot has a room to his or herself, such as Kusanagi and Higasawa (as they were both female, they both had their own separate rooms) and Lynx (who had his own room as he was squadron commander). These rooms have single beds and not bunk beds. There is a parking lot for vehicles behind the billet on the roadside. 


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